FIXSIZE parameter

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Fixed server size requirement


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
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Model 204 V6.1 or earlier


The size of the user's server tables that are fixed by initialization.

For non-SQL processing, FIXSIZE is determined according to the following calculation:

Fixed table size = 2520 + ((MAXINCL+6) * 80)dwr + ((LAUDPROC + 9) * (MAXINCL-1))dwr + (LIBUFF + 4) + (LOBUFF + 5)dwr + (LOUTPB)dwr + (((NGROUP + 12) * (NRMTFILE + NFILES + 1)) + (NRMTFILE + 1))dwr + ((NORQS*3) + 2)dwr + (3 * ERRMSGL)


  • dwr, "double word rounded," means round to the next multiple of eight, unless it already is a multiple of eight.
  • The following adjustments might apply:
    • NRMTFILE is zero, except for PQO users.
    • Add to the NFILES term (since its CCAIN value gets increased automatically by Model 204):

      +1 if either the SYSOPT 1 bit or 2 bit is set

      +2 if both the SYSOPT 1 and 2 bits are set

    • If any SQL threads (IODEV 19) are specified in the CCAIN, add 6328 bytes for C language work areas to the FIXSIZE calculation.

Fixed server tables as well as variable server tables, those that can be modified during the Model 204 run, are discussed in Server tables.