FRCVOPT parameter

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File recovery options


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
During file creation or reset by file manager
Related products
Model 204 V6.1 or earlier


File recovery options are controlled by the FRCVOPT parameter. Valid settings, which can be summed, are:

X'80'File cannot be updated if ROLL FORWARD logging is not active.
X'40'File cannot be updated if checkpoint logging is not active.
X'20'File does not participate in checkpoint logging.
X'10'Discontinuities are not allowed, meaning hold enqueuing while file is closed, if the file has been updated in this run.
X'08'Transaction back out is disabled. If X'01' is specified, this option is automatically set.
X'04'File does not participate in ROLL FORWARD logging.
X'02'File does not participate in ROLL FORWARD processing.
X'01'All updates are reapplied to the file during ROLL FORWARD processing, without regard to update unit or transaction boundaries. Because transactions are explicitly handled differently between transaction backout (X'08' off) and ROLL FORWARD all the way (X'01' on), this option forces the X'08' option; that is, transaction backout is automatically turned off.