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Fast/Reload is a plug compatible replacement for the Model 204 FLOD and FILELOAD utilities. It consists of replacement and new object decks that are linked into your BATCH204 or ONLINE load module. After building these new load modules, you derive immediate benefits from Fast/Reload because existing FLOD and FILELOAD programs are then compiled and executed by Fast/Reload.

In addition to these immediate benefits, Fast/Reload provides some extra functional enhancements to the FLOD and FILELOAD utilities. Primary among these is the ability to efficiently load data unloaded by Fast/Unload using a single command (LAI). This greatly simplifies and speeds up the reorganization process. The combination of Fast/Unload with UAI and Fast/Reload with LAI is called Fast/Reorg.

Fast/Reload has its own FILELOAD language compiler which converts FILELOAD language programs to machine language. In reloads that involve simply appending data to the end of an empty or existing file, Fast/Reload bypasses the Model 204 disk buffer monitor and instead performs full track I/O to write the Table B pages being loaded.

Fast/Reload uses multi-buffered BSAM input for the input sequential data file. This allows overlap of BSAM input and other processing. In addition, this allows Fast/Reload to take advantage of chained scheduling under MVS. Both of these benefits can significantly reduce the real time required to perform a FLOD or FILELOAD operation.

Fast/Reload runs under both MVS and CMS with any release of Model 204 at or after 2.2.

Invoking Fast/Reload

Fast/Reload is invoked exactly the same way that the FLOD or FILELOAD utility is invoked with a standard Model 204 load module.

Fast/Reload topics

The Fast/Reload documentation consists of the pages listed below. This list is also available as a "See also" link from each of the pages.

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