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Find next MarksStoreArray item that matches a value (MarksStoreArray class)


%string = marksStoreArray:Find( collectionItem, [After= string])

Syntax terms

%string A string variable (length 3) that is set to the MaxStoreCode value of the first item in the marksStoreArray that matches the search collectionItem, or it is set to null if the search collectionItem is not found.
marksStoreArray MarksStoreArray object
collectionItem The collectionItem to be matched. This is a required argument.
After A marksStoreCode that indicates the item at which the search is to begin. If this string argument is not specified, searching begins at the first item in the MarksStoreArray. The string must be a valid MaxStoreCode value or the method will return an error.

Usage notes

  • The method retuns the MaxStoreCode value of the matching item or null ('') to indicate not found.
  • Item must exactly match the search collectionItem rather than simply containing the search string.
  • Not specifying the After value means search from the start. Specifying an After value of '000' means the same thing. However, '000' is not a valid item code.


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