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Retrieve the last numeric reply code (Email class)


%number = email:GetReplyCode

Syntax terms

%number A string, longstring, or numeric variable to contain the numeric return code indicating the result of the method invocation. The types of return codes are described below.
email An Email object.

Usage notes

  • The GetReplyCode return code can be zero, negative, or positive:
    • Zero, if the Mail method has not yet been invoked for email (the method object).
    • Negative, if the TCP connection to the SMTP server host cannot be established. These "Network communication error codes" are documented below.
    • Positive, if the TCP connection is established. These "SMTP server return codes" are documented below.
    • GetReplyText returns the text message associated with the message number.

Network communication error codes

If the socket connection attempt fails, the possible error code are shown below:

Code Meaning
n > 1 Socket number for the successfully connected socket. The returned value was the next available unused socket number.
-100 No free socket numbers for user.
-101 Remote host name or IP address missing or mismatch with CLSOCK port definition.
-102 Remote port number missing or mismatch with CLSOCK port definition.
-103 CLSOCK port not defined or not started.
-104 All ports on specified CLSOCK port are busy.
-105 Insufficient virtual storage.
-106 Maximum connections exceeded.
-107 Couldn't resolve remote host.
-108 Remote port not responding.
-109 Already have SOCKPMAX sockets open on this CLSOCK port.
-110 Server/client SSL setting mismatch: either the server port is using SSL while the client socket port is not, or vice versa.
-111 SSL handshake error.
-112 Access to CLSOCK port not enabled by ALLOW rule.
-149 Other error during connection.

SMTP server return codes

These return codes are the response from the SMTP server, and they are generally categorized as follows:

Code Meaning
100-199 Positive preliminary reply
200-299 Positive completion reply
300-399 Positive intermediate reply
400-499 Transient negative completion reply
500-599 Permanent negative completion reply

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