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Is the thread associated with this Daemon accessible? (Daemon class)

HaveDaemon returns a Boolean enumeration that indicates whether the daemon thread associated with the Daemon method object is accessible.


%boolean = daemon:HaveDaemon

Syntax terms

%boolean A Boolean enumeration to contain the returned value of HaveDaemon.

HaveDaemon returns True unless the daemon thread logged off, for whatever reason.

daemon A Daemon object.


In the following example, a global daemon updates an XML document, then HaveDaemon verifies the continued existence of the daemon.

begin %speed is object daemon global %list is object stringList %tiny is object xmlDoc %bool is enumeration boolean %speed = new %speed:run('*LOWER') %list = new text to %list begin %doc is object xmlDoc  %(daemon):getInputObject(%doc) %doc:selectSingleNode('/out/in'):addAttribute('foo','bar')  %(daemon):returnObject(%doc) end end text %tiny = new %tiny:loadXml('<out><in></in></out>') %speed:run(%list, %tiny, %tiny) %tiny:print %bool = %speed:havedaemon print '%bool is ' %bool:tostring end

The example above returns this result:

<out><in foo="bar"/></out>%bool is True

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