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System manager
Logs out a Host Language Interface facility IFAM2 thread


IFAMFORCE [CRAM | IUCV] [usernumber [,usernumber1]...]

Where: usernumber is the number of the HLI IFAM2 thread that is being logged out. If a user number is not specified, all IFAM2 threads on the channel are logged out.

Syntax notes

If the channel type is not specified, CRAM is assumed. However, if no CRAM threads are defined, IUCV is assumed.


IFAMFORCE 105, 217

Usage notes

The IFAMFORCE command allows specified threads to be logged out forcibly from Model 204. This might be necessary if a clean checkpoint is required. If a thread is forced in this way, it receives an error code of 1000 on the next (current) IFAM call, and an error message is sent to the operator. A thread that has been forced is available for immediate use by another IFAM2 application program. Thus, this command can be used to resolve manually thread allocation deadlocks (where two programs each reserve one thread and are then unable to obtain a second).

If the IFAMFORCE command specifies an invalid thread user number or if a specified thread is not active, an error message is produced; all valid user numbers are processed.

Exercise caution when forcing threads that can be updating files, because this can result in a logically inconsistent file.

Note: In z/VM, only IUCV communications are supported.