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Restarting IFAM2 threads


System manager
Restarts a Host Language Interface facility IFAM2 thread


IFAMSTART [CRAM | IUCV] [usernumber [,usernumber]...]


usernumber The number of the HLI IFAM2 thread that is being restarted. If a user is not specified, all IFAM2 threads are restarted.

Syntax notes

If the channel type is not specified, CRAM is assumed. However, if no CRAM threads are defined, IUCV is assumed.



Usage notes

The IFAMSTART command restarts the HLI IFAM2 facility or restarts individual threads that have been halted.

A thread can be halted in one of the following ways:

  • IFAMHALT command that implicitly or explicitly specified the thread's user number.

  • Successful processing of an IFAMDRAIN command.

  • CRAM OPEN error during Model 204 IFAM initialization, usually the result of two IFAM2 versions being active at once. IFAMSTART returns an error message until an IFAMOPEN command is successfully processed.

  • Restarting a thread more than four times between IFSTRT(N) calls. An error message is sent to the operator and the thread is halted. To restart threads halted in this fashion, the thread's user number must be explicitly mentioned in the IFAMSTART command.

If the IFAMSTART command is specified without arguments, all halted threads are restarted, with the important exception noted in the last list item above. An error message is produced if:

  • IFAM2 ICB is not open.

  • Specified thread is not halted.

  • Invalid thread user number is specified.

In the latter two cases, all valid threads specified in the command are processed.

If the IFAMSTART command is specified without arguments and one or more threads have been halted due to restart loops, an error message identifying the thread is supplied for each such thread.

Note: In z/VM, only IUCV communications are supported.