Itemid (ScreenField property)

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Set or return the item ID value for screenfield (ScreenField class)

The Itemid property sets or returns a numeric item ID value for a ScreenField. This ID is initially set for a field by the AddField method.


%currentNumber = sfield:Itemid sfield:Itemid = newNumber

Syntax terms

%currentNumber An integral numeric variable or expression, to get the current item id value.
sfield A reference to an instance of a ScreenField object.
newNumber An integral numeric variable or expression, which can range from 1 to 32767, to set the new item id value.

Usage notes

  • Any screenfield can be assigned an item ID.
  • An item ID is very practical when using arraylists of screenfields. ScreenField objects within an arraylist can be assigned item IDs corresponding to the element numbers of the arraylist. For example, the CursorItemId method will return the item ID of the screenField object where the cursor is positioned. The item ID can then be used as the element number to reference a ScreenField object within an arraylist.
  • Any screenField not assigned an item ID value will return zero. No check is made to ensure any item Id is unique. This is the programmer's responsibility.

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