List of ScreenField methods

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The following are the available ScreenField class methods.

ColorSet or return the FieldColor for a screenfield
ColumnReturn the column number of a screenfield
DeepCopyReturn a deep copy of a screenfield object
DeepDiscardDo deep discard of a ScreenField object
DeleteDelete screenfield
HighlightSet or return the highlight attribute for screenfield
InvisibleSet or return the invisible attribute for screenfield
ItemidSet or return the item ID value for screenfield
ModifiedSet or return the modified attribute for screenfield
NumericSet or return the numeric attribute for screenfield
ProtectedSet or return the protected attribute for screenfield
RowReturn the row number of a screenfield
ScreenReturn the screen object of method object
SetCursorSet or return the value of a screenfield
ValueSet or return the value of a screenfield
WidthReturn the width of a screenfield

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