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Set language for Janus

This subcommand sets the default language for all Janus ports in the Model 204 region.



language An optional name (no more than 30 characters) for the language to be used. The default value is us_english.

Usage notes

  • LANGUAGE has no effect on the operation of any application in Model 204. The name of the specified language is simply forwarded to the target server for a Janus Open Client application. Because almost all SQL Server language names are lowercase, the language specified after LANGUAGE will generally be translated to lowercase. For example, specifying 'LANGUAGE CELTIC' will actually request language "celtic" from a target server.

    If an uppercase or mixed-case language name is required, simply place a plus sign (+) in front of the language name. For example, to specify language "RUSSIAN", simply enter LANGUAGE +RUSSIAN.

  • The language specified on a JANUS DEFINEREMOTE command overrides the language specified on a JANUS DEFINE command which overrides the language specified on a JANUS LANGUAGE command. If the language name is left blank, the JANUS LANGUAGE command will display the name of the current language.

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