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Start a Janus port

This makes a port available for connections; it is put into the START state.


JANUS START portname

Where portname is the name of the port(s) to start.

Usage notes

The JANUS DEFINE command must be used to define the port before it is started with JANUS START. Also, if the port is defined to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) for secured communications, you are prompted for the password that decrypts the private key for the certificate specified on the SSL parameter of this port's DEFINE command.


In the following example, all ports whose names begin with ACCTS are made available for incoming connections, and any remote servers associated with those ports are made available for outgoing connections. For any of these ports whose DEFINE commands did not include an ALLOCC, the control blocks are built in SPCORE.


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