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Janus SOAP is a Rocket Software product that provides SOUL programmers a set of object-oriented XML APIs that facilitate the parsing and generation of XML. Prior to version 7.5 of Model 204, Janus SOAP also included the Janus SOAP User Language Interface, a set of enhancements to User Language that, among other things, added object-oriented programming capabilities to User Language. Those enhancements are merged into SOUL as of version 7.5 of Model 204.

The following pages provide information about using Janus SOAP:

Conceptual background
XML processing in Janus SOAP
XmlDoc API
XmlParser API
XmlDoc API methods
List of XmlDoc methods
List of XmlNode methods
List of XmlNodelist methods
List of XmlDoc API methods
XmlParser API methods
XmlParser methods with syntax
XmlSelector methods with syntax
XmlAttributeList methods with syntax