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JsonCircularReference exceptions are thrown by the Stringify function in the Json class if the Json object leads to a circular reference.

The JsonCircularReference class, like the Json class, is available as of Model 204 7.6.

The JsonCircularReference methods

The following are the available JsonCircularReference class methods.

NewCreate a new JsonCircularReference object

The methods in the class are described in the subsections that follow. In addition:

New constructor

Create a new JsonCircularReference object (JsonCircularReference class)

This Constructor generates an instance of a JsonCircularReference exception. The New method format is as follows:


%jsonCircularReference = [%(JsonCircularReference):]New

Syntax terms

%JsonCircularReference A reference to an instance of a JsonCircularReference object.
[%(JsonCircularReference):] The class name in parentheses denotes a Constructor.

Usage notes

The following example catches a circular reference exception and prints the string where the circular reference occurs.

b %jsonCircRefError is object JsonCircularReference %jsa is object json %jsb is object json %jsc is object json %jsa = array('a') %jsb = array('b') %jsc = array('c') %jsa:add(%jsb) %jsb:add(%jsc) %jsc:add(%jsa) try print %jsa:stringify catch JsonCircularReference to %jsonCircRefError print 'Caught Json Circular Reference Error' print %jsa:tostring end try end

Running this example results in:

Caught Json Circular Reference Error ["a",["b",["c",[Circular]]]]