LAUDIT parameter

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Line audit bits


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On user's parameter line or reset by system manager
Related products
Model 204 V2.1 or earlier


LAUDIT controls the auditing of logical input lines (LI, LP, and LS journal lines).

These lines can be useful in reconstructing the events leading to a system crash. Lines are written on the journal after line editing, line continuation, and full screen automatic validation have been performed.

Valid settings of LAUDIT are (options can be summed):

Setting Meaning
1 Write LI lines (lines input from user's terminal).
2 Write LS lines (items from full-screen input from user's terminal).
4 Write LP lines (lines included from procedures).
8 Write LR lines (items for an image, from terminal or external records).
16 Write QT lines (lines of SQL statement-level processing).
32 Write QT lines (line of SQL error messages)