LDKBMWNG parameter

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# of pages in DKBM-ATB anticipatory write window


Default value
V7.4: The value of LDKBMWND, if set; otherwise, a value of 3

V7.5 and higher: A minimum of 0.5*NUMBUFG

Before the value of LDKBMWNG is adjusted or recalculated, the minimum size of NUMBUFG must first be determined by this formula:


If the current setting of NUMBUFG exceeds this value and is a multiple of NLRUQG, no further adjustments to NUMBUFG are made.

Following that, if a value for LDKBMWNG is specified in CCAIN and is greater than 0.5*NUMBUFG, the value can still be adjusted:

  • The final value must be an even multiple of NLRUQG
  • The final value must not be greater than NUMBUFG minus the total number of buffers that might possibly be open at any one time; that is:


Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line by system manager
Related products
Model 204 V7.4


LDKBMWNG specifies an anticipatory write window that starts writes for any modified ATB (above the bar) buffers that enter the window.

When an anticipatory write for a modified buffer completes, the buffer is immediately reusable.

High values of LDKBMWNG might unnecessarily increase the number of writes done (measured by the DKWR statistic). Low values might cause excessive waiting for buffers (measured by the DKSWAIT statistic).

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