LDKBMW parameter

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# of pages in DKBM stat window (obsolete) (obs)


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
System manager
Related products
Model 204 V6.1 or earlier


The number of buffers in the DKBM statistics window that are examined by the Disk Buffer Monitor at each find buffer operation.

This window is used in computing the DKSWRP, DKSWRPT, DKSDIR, and DKSDIRT statistics. LDKBMW can range from 0 to 255. A value of 0 indicates that no window is kept. Because the overhead associated with LDKBMW is significant, Rocket Software recommends that it remain at its default value of zero, unless directed otherwise by a Rocket Software Technical Support engineer.

Refer to the Performance monitoring and tuning topic for more information on the DKSWRP, DKSWRPT, DKSDIR, and DKSDIRT statistics.