LOGKEY command

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System manager
Enter or changes the password table key




LOGKEY 89.087 16:58.51, 89.220 12:34:30 DOSRV ,OS7U08,DOSRV.M204.CCASTAT *** M204.0367: ENTER TABLE KEY OR RETURN ROSEPETE

Usage notes

The LOGKEY command specifies or changes the password table key. This key is stored in the Model 204 password table and serves as the key for securing files. Model 204 supplies a default initial key, X'04CCBFEA25186954'. Model 204 displays data about the current status of the password table as:

yy.ddd hh:mm:ss, yy.ddd hh:mm:ss jjjjjjjj,vvvvvv,dsn


yy.ddd hh:mm:ss (first) is the date and time that the table was created.
yy.ddd hh:mm:ss (second) is the date and time that the table was updated.
jjjjjjjj is the name of the last job that updated the table.
vvvvvv is the volume serial number for the password table data set.
dsn is the data set name.

The system prompt for a new logkey takes the following form:


where newkey is the new password table key (1 to 8 characters). The key cannot contain blanks, commas, or colons. If a new key is not specified, the old key is preserved.

Sometimes the system manager might want to examine the status of the password table, but might not want to change the key. When Model 204 prompts for a new key, the system manager simply presses Return.

If the system manager specifies a new key, it is written into a special field in the password table. When a secured file is opened, the password in the file's File Control Table (FCT) is checked against this stored key. The file is opened only if the password matches this key.

After a key has been changed, files secured under the old key cannot be opened unless the old key is renewed. For a discussion of secured files, refer to the SECURE command and to File security.