LastUpdateTime (ProcedureInfo function)

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Most recent update as date string (ProcedureInfo class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.8]


%string = procedureInfo:LastUpdateTime[( [string])]

Syntax terms

%string A string variable to contain the time of the last update to the procedureInfo procedure.
procedureInfo A ProcedureInfo object variable or expression.
string An optional string that specifies the format of the date value, as described in Datetime string formats. The default date format is YYYYMMDDHHMISSXX. An invalid format causes a request cancellation, but if you ask for more digits than are available (XXX instead of XX, for example), the extra digit(s) are set to 0.

See also LastUpdateTimeMilliseconds.


See the ProcedureInfo class "Example".

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