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Line-end sequence for POSTed Stringlist data (HttpRequest class)

The LineEnd settable property lets you select which of three line-end sequences to use when you add a file to form Post data by passing a Stringlist object to the AddField method.


%currentLineEnd = httpRequest:LineEnd httpRequest:LineEnd = newLineEnd

Syntax terms

%currentLineEnd The string variable that will be assignment the current value of LineEnd.
httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
newLineEnd Identifies the new line-end sequence to use for the Stringlist items being copied into the Post data. Each copied Stringlist item has a line-end sequence appended to it. The options you may specify are these LineEnd enumeration (see below) values: CRLF, CR, and LF.

LineEnd enumeration

The values of this enumeration are the following:

CRLF Use carriage-return/line-feed (hex value X'0D0A'). This is the default for a newly created HttpRequest object.
CR Use only carriage-return (X'0D').
LF Use only line-feed (X'0A').

Note: As with all enumerations, the ToString method implicitly converts an enumeration value to a character string whose value is the name of the enumeration value. For more information about methods available to all enumerations, see Common enumeration methods.

Usage notes

  • The LineEnd property must be set before the AddField call that adds the form data.
  • The LineEnd setting remains in effect unless the property is reset with another assignment.
  • For an example of code that uses the LineEnd property, see this AddField example.


The LineEnd format is shown in the following fragment:

%HttpRequest:LineEnd = CRLF %HttpRequest:LineEnd = CR %HttpRequest:LineEnd = LF %HttpRequest:AddField( ....

See also

  • For more general information and background about using Enumerations, see "Enumerations".