List of Object methods

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The following are the available Object class methods.

AuditAudit contents of object
ClassDescriptionDescription of class of object
ClassNameClass name of object
DiscardGlobalDiscard a global object
DiscardGlobalsDiscard global objects
DiscardSessionDiscard a session object
DiscardSessionsDiscard session objects
GarbageCollectClean up unreachable objects
GetGlobalRetrieve global object reference
GetSessionRetrieve session object reference
GlobalListGet list of global objects
NewCreate a new Object object
NullifyGlobalClear global object reference
NullifyGlobalsClear global object references
NullifySessionClear session object reference
NullifySessionsClear global object references
ObjectIdInternal numeric name of object
PrintPrint contents of object
SessionListGet list of session objects
SetGlobalSet global object reference
SetSessionSet session object reference
TraceTrace contents of object

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