LockStrength (RecordsetCursor function)

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Return lock strength of RecordsetCursor object (RecordsetCursor class)

To indicate the lock strength of the RecordsetCursor object, this method returns a LockStrength enumeration.

Since a RecordsetCursor is simply a window, of sorts, into a Recordset or SortedRecordset object, the LockStrength of a RecordsetCursor object is actually the LockStrength of the underlying Recordset or SortedRecordset object. Since SortedRecordsets are not locked, a RecordsetCursor on a SortedRecordset object has a LockStrength of None.


%lockStrength = recordsetCursor:LockStrength

Syntax terms

%lockStrength A LockStrength enumeration variable to contain the returned value of recordsetCursor's locking. The enumeration values (shared properties) that may be returned (None, Share, or Exclusive) correspond to standard Model 204 record-locking levels, as described in "New (Record constructor)".
recordsetCursor A RecordsetCursor object.

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