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M204.0242  SORTKEY or ORDERED field not found -- "IN ORDER" ignored

A For Each Record...In Order [By] statement refers to a record set from an unsorted file, or a field name is specified following "By" that is neither the sort key nor an ordered field. The In Order option is ignored, because In Order implies that the file is in sorted order, and In Order By must be followed by the name of the sort key or an ORDERED field.

When the request is executed, the records are processed in unsorted order.

Response: Remove or correct the In Order clause. If you must process records in sorted order, consider using the Sort statement.

Message attributes:

RETCODEO=0Sets online return code
RETCODEB=4Sets batch (single user) return code
CLASS=EError class; the message can be suppressed with the X'04' bit setting of the MSGCTL parameter
AUDITMSWrites the message with line type MS to the audit trail
NOCOUNTDoes not increment the error count (ERCNT) parameter
ECHODisplays the line that caused the error

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