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M204.1406  Missing journal was detected between token and token2 for file token3

During media recovery, Model 204 keeps track of special FPL time stamps which are logged to the journal. If at any time during the first pass of CCAGEN Model 204 detects that the time stamps in the journal are out of sync with each other, or with the time stamp in the restored FPL page of the file, this error message is issued.

This situation arises when one or more of the journals required to run media recovery is missing from CCAGEN. The time stamps in this error message provide the best estimation of the time boundaries of the gap in journal data which can be made with the information available in the file and CCAGEN. The missing journal(s) does not necessarily cover this entire time period.

Model 204 will deactivate the file for the rest of media recovery and attempt to continue processing any other files.

Response: Check that the RCVOPT parameter is set to 8.

File manager response: Verify that your CCAGEN input points to the correct journal data set(s). Refer to the discussions in Media recovery and System and media recovery for instructions on concatenating journals or using special merged journals. If there are other files involved in the run, allow the processing to continue and set up another run to process the one file in question with the missing journal(s) included. If the missing journals are unavailable, you can partially recover the file by specifying an earlier stopping point for it.

Message attributes:

RETCODEO=0Sets online return code
RETCODEB=4Sets batch (single user) return code
CLASS=EError class; the message can be suppressed with the X'04' bit setting of the MSGCTL parameter
AUDITERWrites the message with line type ER to the audit trail
COUNTIncrements the error count (ERCNT) parameter

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