MAXSIMIO parameter

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Max simultaneous disk I/Os


Default value

32 * (NSUBTKS+NSERVS), if using IOS Branch Entry (XMEMOPT=2)

(32*(NSUBTKS+NSERVS))+LDKBMWND, if not using IOS Branch Entry

Parameter type
Where set
By system manager or on User 0's line
Related products
Model 204 V7.4


Limits DBIDs when using IOS Branch Entry.


During initialization, Model 204 calculates a default number of Disk Buffer I/O control blocks (DBIDs). If you are using IOS Branch Entry, this default number may be unnecessarily high. Use the MAXSIMIO parameter to allocate a smaller number of DBIDs.

Using a lower MAXSIMIO value when you are also using IOS Branch Entry limits the number of DBIDs allocated and results in storage savings. If you are not using IOS Branch Entry, an explicit MAXSIMIO setting is ignored and the value calculated by Model 204 is used instead.