MOUT parameter

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Max output lines


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
By any user
Related products
Model 204 V9.0 or earlier


The maximum number of lines printed per request (shown by the OUT statistic).

At certain points during loop processing in a request, the elapsed number of lines printed for the request is compared to the value of MOUT. If the elapsed number is greater, a message is issued to indicate that the request is long. The user running the request is then given the option to continue or to cancel the request.

In batch jobs, application subsystems, or if the value of the PROMPT parameter includes the X'10' option, this interaction with the user does not occur, and the request is cancelled.

The maximum MCPU setting is X'FFFFFFFE' (4,294,967,294). If MCPU is set to -1, there is no limit on OUT.

Lines output to a temporary procedure by the $BldProc function within a request are also controlled by the MOUT parameter.