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MP user language options


Default value
Parameter type
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User resettable
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Model 204 V4.1 or earlier


The MPOPTS parameter setting is used to tune system multiprocessing. The SOUL compiler strategy offloads as much work as possible to subtasks. You can reduce the scope of this subtask offloading by setting MPOPTS parameter to offload selectively for a particular section of code.

By default, MPOPTS omits offloading for:

  • Nested loops
  • MP=NO $functions
  • Mixed mode statements

MPOPTS applies only to z/OS. Its valid settings are:

X'01' Loops containing serial statements
X'02' Calls to subroutines containing serial statements
X'04' MP=NO $functions
X'08' Store Record and Delete Record statements
X'10' Field-level update statements (Add Field, Change Field, Delete Field)
X'20' Read, Print Screen, Print Menu, and Reread statements
X'40' Read Image and Write Image statements
X'80' Produce compilation warning messages for serial statements

An MP Options SOUL statement can temporarily override the MPOPTS parameter. For more information on multiprocessing concepts and parameters, refer to Multiprocessing (MP/204).