MREGEXTR parameter

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Max regex trace lines


Default value
Maximum value
Parameter type
Where set
By any user
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Model 204 V7.9


The parameter limits the maximum number of regular expression trace lines an individual regular expression method or $function call can produce. Regular expression tracing can be enabled by setting the REGEXTR parameter to 1 or by specifying the "t" option in regular expression $function or method call.

Regular expression processing can produce a huge volume of trace lines. The MREGEXTR parameter is intended to limit the damage caused by accidentally producing a massive trace. Note however, that the MREGEXTR parameter only limits the lines produced in a single $function or method call so, if a regular expression is processed many times in a loop, each invocaton can produce up to MREGEXTR lines of trace information.

MREGEXTR can be changed during evaluation using the $ResetN function

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