MSIR.0164 SYBMSG(102,15,1) Incorrect syntax near '(token)'.

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This message indicates that a request on an EXEC2RPC port had a syntax that is not supported by EXEC2RPC processing. This message can be caused by a client application error or a client application trying to use syntax not supported by Janus Open Server EXEC2RPC processing. See the Janus Open Server Reference Manual for the syntax supported by EXEC2RPC processing.

This message can also be caused by an attempt to send generic SQL code to an EXEC2RPC port or perhaps by an ODBC driver sending unknown SQL code to the Janus Open Server port. In the latter case, contact Technical Support to determine if it is possible to make Janus Open Server support the ODBC driver or if it is necessary to switch to another ODBC driver or to access Janus Open Server through some middleware such as a Sybase Adaptive Server.

Message attributes:

RETCODEO=0Sets online return code
RETCODEB=0Sets batch (single user) return code
CLASS=IInformation class; the message can be suppressed with the X'02' bit setting of the MSGCTL parameter
AUDITMSWrites the message with line type MS to the audit trail
NOCOUNTDoes not increment the error count (ERCNT) parameter
NOTERMDoes not display the message on the user's terminal

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