MacroTrace command

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Starts or stops a display in the macro console of a trace of all macro statements in your debugging session.


macroTrace [ on | off ] 


  • on indicates that macro lines will be traced until turned off withmacroTrace off.
  • off turns off macroTrace, if it is on.

Note: When macroTrace is turned on, the trace output is produced only if the macro console is open.

This is an example of macro trace output:

>>>macroTrace: step   >>>macroTrace: assert %i = 1  >>>passed...  >>>macroTrace: run  >>>macroTrace: step  >>>macroTrace: assert %i = 2  >>>passed...  

Note that the trace includes the pass or fail status of assert commands, and it includes syntax help if commands have syntax errors.

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Introduced: Build 50