Model 204 LINKONLN job stream for IBM z/VSE

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The LINKONLN job stream is used to link and catalog the Model 204 ONLINE phase during installation on IBM z/VSE.

See the comments in the code below for instructions on editing LINKONLN.


// JOB LINKONLN * ******************************************************************** * Rocket Model 204 * 02/15 * ******************************************************************** * LINKONLN links/catalogs the MODEL 204 ONLINE phase /* /* Note: if using LE functions in MODEL 204, /* - add INCLUDE statements for LE modules /* - concatenate appropriate sublibrary to search. /* Note: M204 VSE TCP requires access to CSI TCPIP 15F or later. /* Add DLBL/EXTENT and LIBDEF OBJ info to this job if needed. /* INCLUDE IPNRSTUB will allow TCPNAME to specify SSID nn in /* Online User0 parm and is also required. /* // EXEC PROC=M204JCL DLBL for JCL sublibrary // LIBDEF PROC,SEARCH=M204LIB.V750 // EXEC PROC=M204V750 DLBL for V750 M204 library // LIBDEF PHASE,CATALOG=M204LIB.V750 // LIBDEF OBJ,SEARCH=M204LIB.V750 // OPTION CATAL ACTION ERRLMT(500) PHASE ONLINE,* REPLACE=YES * INCLUDE LKNOSONL /* Uncomment for Pattern Matcher * INCLUDE LKSQLONL /* Uncomment for Remote SQL and Pattern Matcher * INCLUDE IPNRSTUB /* For TCPNAME using TCPIP release 15F or later ENTRY MAINTASK /* // EXEC LNKEDT /* /&