NLBUFF parameter

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Number of CCAJLOG buffers


Default value
Parameter type
Where set

Cannot be reset

In z/OS, the NLBUFF parameter can be set explicitly only via the PARM field in the EXEC card. See Specifying EXEC statement parameters.

In z/VM, the NLBUFF parameter is stacked in the EXEC that issues all the FILEDEFs.

Related products
Model 204 V6.1


The number of buffers allocated for writing to CCAJLOG when a CCAJLOG DD is defined. The size of each buffer is equal to the BLKSIZE defined for the associated data set. A buffer is written only when it fills.

If the CCAJLOG block size is small, you might need to increase the value to improve performance. Rocket Software recommends setting the CCAJLOG block size as large as possible and using the NLBUFF default setting.