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Name of persistent object (PersistentObjectInfo class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.8]


%name = persObjInfo:Name

Syntax terms

%nameA string variable to contain the global or session name associated with the method object.
persObjInfo A PersistentObjectInfo object variable.


A simple example follows:

b %i is float %persInfo is object persistentObjectInfo %sl is object stringlist %sl = list('alpha', 'beta', 'ceta') %(Object):SetGlobal('ABC', %sl) %persInfo = newFromGlobal('ABC') printText {~} = {%persInfo:name}, {~} = {%persInfo:classDescription} end

The result is:

%persInfo:name = ABC, %persInfo:classDescription = System:Stringlist

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