PUPDTH parameter

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Procedure update hash value


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters
Related products
Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This numeric parameter can have any value between 1 and 999999. It indicates the number of hash slots to allocate to detect procedure updates.

As of Model 204 version 7.8, if you set PUPDTH to 0, it will automatically be increased to 1, its minimum value.

The hash table is only used by SirFact to determine if a procedure needs to be recompiled because it or some included procedure has been changed. The procedure update hash table makes it possible to quickly determine that a procedure has not changed without actually scanning the procedure dictionary (an expensive operation).

Each hash cell requires 8 bytes of virtual storage. The default value of 4091 is probably fine for most sites.