PWDPURGE parameter

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Password purge days


Default value
-1, if CCASTAT has not been converted; 0 means that the user ID is purged immediately when the purge date is passed.
Parameter type
Where set
ZCTLTAB utility PURGE parameter
Related products
Model 204 V6.1


PWDPURGE displays the number of days grace period after a password expires when that password is deleted from CCASTAT.

During the grace period, that user ID cannot login. However, the system manager can change the password. When the grace period elapses that user ID is actually deleted from CCASTAT.

The PWDPURGE value can be from 0 to 255 or -1, which indicates that CCASTAT has not yet been converted for the Password Expiration feature.

The PWDPURGE value is excluded from the VIEW ALL command output, but the system manager can view it individually. If you have not installed the Password Expiration feature and you issue a VIEW command for the PWDPURGE parameter, PWDPURGE=-1 is returned.

Model 204 obtains the value of the PWDPURGE parameter from the CCASTAT file. Therefore, each time CCASTAT is read from disk, Model 204 updates the current in-memory values to reflect any changes that were made in the CCASTAT file.