RESPAGE parameter

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Number of resident N/QTBL ATB pages


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 parameter line
Related products
Model 204 version 7.5


This parameter applies to IBM z/OS systems only. It activates the Resident Request feature for APSY precompiled procedures in storage. RESPAGE specifies the maximum number of 4K-byte operating system pages to be allocated, above the bar, for procedures that are made resident.

Whenever a procedure is made resident, a minimum of 16 4K-byte pages are allocated for that procedure. If more pages are required, another chunk of 16 4K-byte pages is allocated. These chunks facilitate more efficient management of ATB storage, which the operating system allocates in 1-megabyte increments.

The actual storage "used" by resident requests can be displayed with a MONITOR SUBSYS (PROCCT) subsysname command. Given this allocation algorithm, if you have 1000 procedures that you want to become resident, you will need to set RESPAGE to 16000, at a minimum.

When you specify a non-zero RESPAGE value:

  • The actual number of 4K-byte pages allocated is rounded up to the next 1-megabyte page boundary (the next multiple of 256 4K-byte pages).
  • Existing settings of RESSIZE, RESLTHR, and RESTHRSH are changed: RESSIZE is reset to -1; RESLTHR and RESTHRSH are reset to zero.
  • VIEW RESCURR, and VIEW RESHIGH show, respectively, the current and the high-water mark of ATB storage allocated (even multiples of 16*4K bytes) for resident requests.