RESTOREG command

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System manager
Restores the CCAGRP file from a sequential data set


RESTOREG [option] FROM ddname


option A decimal value; set it to 128 if the size of the CCAGRP data set or the number of data sets in CCAGRP is being changed.
ddname The name of the sequential data set from which CCAGRP is being restored.

Syntax notes

RESTOREG cannot be issued from within a procedure.



Usage notes

  • The RESTOREG command restores the CCAGRP file from a sequential data set containing a dumped version of the file. CCAGRP contains all permanent group definitions established by the system manager. RESTOREG can be issued in case of a system crash or another kind of system failure to restore the version of CCAGRP dumped by the DUMPG command.

    Storing and using file group definitions (CCAGRP) contains a complete discussion of CCAGRP.

  • If an external security interface is active, the user ID issuing the command is checked for the proper data set usage authorization. If the authorization check fails, the attempt is logged as a security violation and the command is not executed. Under a security interface, you must have READ privileges to read a file specified by this command. For more information, refer to the Rocket Model 204 Security Interfaces Manual.
  • When it processes RESTOREG, Model 204 ends any update unit in progress and begins a non-backoutable update unit.