RecordIsUpdated (System function)

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Is the indicated record updated? (System class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.7]

The RecordIsUpdated shared function returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a record you specify (by file name and record number) has been updated in the current transaction.


%boolean = %(System):RecordIsUpdated( string, number)

Syntax terms

%boolean The Boolean enumeration value indicating whether the record has been updated.
%(System) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method.
string A string that is the name of the file that contains the record whose update status you are querying.
number The number of the record whose update status you are querying.

Usage Notes

  • RecordIsUpdated is available in Sirius Mods Version 7.7 and later.


The following request fragment sketches a record loop that reports to the audit trail if this will be the initial update in the transaction for the records that satisfy a particular condition:

%recs is object recordset in file myfile %rec is object record in file myfile fd to %recs end find for each record in %recs ... * if some condition is satisfied %rec = CurrentRecord if %(system):RecordIsUpdated($curfile, $currec) ne true then Audit 'First update of Record num: ' %rec:RecordNumber end if ... * perform record update end if end for

See also

  • CurrentRecordIsUpdated reports whether the currently selected record has been updated within the current transaction.
  • IsUpdated reports whether a record referenced by a Record object has been updated within the current transaction.