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The Sirius Mods is a collection of functions and enhancements to the core Model 204 load module. These enhancements are either products in and of themselves, or they are prerequisites for products that are written in SOUL. Prior to version 7.5 of Model 204, a Sirius Software customer site is authorized to download the Sirius Mods if it is licensed for any of the products (which are listed below) that require these enhancements.

As of version 7.5 of Model 204, the Sirius Mods is merged into the Model 204 nucleus and no longer exists as a separate entity. The final Sirius Mods version is 8.1.

Under Version 7.5 or higher of Model 204, the Sirius Mods object file no longer exists (its code is integrated into Model 204), and the products below depend only on the standard Model 204 load module:

You can determine which of these products your site is authorized for by issuing the SIRIUS command in an Online running either of the following:

  • A version 7.5 or higher Model 204 load module
  • A version 7.4 or lower Model 204 load module into which is link-edited the Sirius Mods object module

Note that there were also Sirius Software products that did not require the Sirius Mods. Those products ran as stand-alone jobs independent of the Model 204 load module. For a full list of Sirius products, see the Sirius Software Product List page.