Release notes for SoftSpy V7.6

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Features and enhancements

This section contains installation and features information for Rocket SoftSpy for Model 204 version 7.6.

Before beginning your SoftSpy installation, read through this information about product installation and changes.

New and enhanced SoftSpy features

  • SoftSpy is now included as part of the Model 204 nucleus, though it remains a separately licensed add-on product. For details on Model 204 version 7.6, see the Release notes for Model 204 version 7.6.
  • Model 204 version 7.6 incorporates SoftSpy and Sirius Mods.
  • SoftSpy can now access the values of SOUL objects, including object variables, object member variables, and enumerations. Prior to version 7.6, any attempt to watch or display these items resulted in "xxx is undefined" being displayed, where xxx is the name of the SOUL object variable. See SOUL Object Operand for details.
  • SoftSpy can now be used with above-the-bar server tables.
  • The SPYPROC file included with SoftSpy version 7.6 will work with higher SoftSpy versions as well. (After 7.6, the SPYPROC file will be updated only as needed for SoftSpy bug fixes or enhancements.)
  • The SoftSpy macro editor (accessible using "SPY EDIT MACRO xxx" from the M204 command line, "EDIT MACRO xxx" from the SoftSpy debug screen, or the SPY LIST MACRO screen) now accepts mixed case input, without the need to issue *LOWER prior to entering the editor.
  • The SPYPROC file for 7.6 and later contains mixed-case SOUL.

    Note: Ensure that the COMPOPT system parameter is set to a value of 5 to avoid compilation errors.


The following restrictions apply to using SoftSpy:

  • SoftSpy and FILEORG=x'100' files

    Although you can run applications under SoftSpy that use files set to FILEORG=x'100', you cannot use SoftSpy to watch, display, or set fields in those files.

  • SoftSpy and Model 6 terminals

    SoftSpy cannot be used on a Model 6 terminal. (Model 6 terminals are a Sirius Mods extension.) Any attempt to use SoftSpy from a Model 6 terminal will be rejected with the following message:

    *** SPY.205: Error: SoftSpy may not be used on Model=6 terminals.

  • SoftSpy and DBCS (double-byte character set)

    SoftSpy is not supported in a DBCS environment. Ensure that the CCAIN parameter DBCSENV=0 in order to run SoftSpy.

Installation considerations


Before installing SoftSpy version 7.6, you must have completed these Model 204 installation steps, as described on the Rocket Model 204 installation wiki page for your operating system:

  • Install the Model 204 nucleus
  • Install Dictionary/204

Note: When you link-edit the Model 204 nucleus, ensure that the SSPY and MUSE text decks/CSECTs are linked in.

For details on SoftSpy installation, see the Softspy installation guide.

System requirements

For more information on Model 204 system requirements, see the Release notes for Model 204 version 7.6.

Server size requirements

SoftSpy requires a 280,000-byte server.

Rocket Model 204 and SoftSpy documentation

Some of the Rocket Model 204 documentation is now available in wiki page format. The remainder is available for download from the Rocket Documentation Library.

For details, see the summary of Model 204 and Sirius documentation.

SoftSpy is documented on the Rocket Model 204 wiki. For information on SoftSpy, see the wiki pages in the SoftSpy category.