RemoveCurrentWatch command

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Removes the currently selected Watch Window item. If there is no currently selected item, it does nothing.

The current selected item may simply be the last added or clicked line (and not highlighted), or it may be a highlighted line as the result of a search or location (top or bottom) command.

Using removeCurrentWatch to remove a watched item is essentially the same operation as right clicking an item and selecting Remove from the context menu.



This "removeWatch" macro is an example of using the command:

# RemoveWatch.macro  
# Usage: removeWatch varName  
# where varName is name of watched variable to remove 
# as it appears in the Watch Window. 
# For example, removeWatch %j 
# See if it is watched. If not, done: 
in watchWindow searchFromTop &argstring 
continueMacroIf &&searchSuccess 
# It was watched, so remove and report: 
echo &&concatenate("removed watch ", &argstring) 

Client menu: --
Introduced: Build 58