RequestValue (UserStatistics function)

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Value of the specified Request statistic (UserStatistics class)

RequestValue returns the value of a Request statistic.


%number = userStatistics:RequestValue( string) Throws UnknownStatistic

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable to contain the value of the specified statistic that is contained in the method object.
userStatistics A UserStatistics object variable.
string This case-independent string contains the name of a Model 204 user statistic. Only the names of Model 204 Request statistics are valid. All other names return an UnknownStatistic exception.

Usage notes

  • RequestValue cancels the request if it is applied to a statistic that is exclusively a Login (also called "Final") statistic.


The following statements print a Request statistic value:

%stat is object userStatistics auto new print 'PDL highwater mark: ' %stat:requestValue('pdl')

See also

  • Value returns the value of a Model 204 user Login statistic.