RetryHttpPac command

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Attempts to execute an HTTP PUT and GET of a Proxy Auto Config (PAC) verification file to and from the HTTP server configured to service PAC files.

retryHttpPac simulates simultaneous selection of both of the following in the Preferences window:

  • Either of the IE Mode options newPac or mergedPac
  • The PAC Options option http://URL
Setting both of these items together triggers the automatic creation and maintenance of PAC files using HTTP URLs: given an appropriately configured HTTP server and Client configuration file httpPacURL element.

Note: Command execution does not modify current settings in the Client's Preferences window. However, if the IE Mode option proxy is selected, the command fails.



If the file verification test succeeds, the Client Status bar displays a message like:

HTTP PAC files can be used. 

See also httpPutFile, httpGet, and &&currentPacFile.

Client menu: --
Introduced: Build 63