ReturnToMaster (Daemon subroutine)

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Return control to the master thread (Daemon class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 8.1]

This method returns control from a daemon thread to its master thread inside a User Language request.



Syntax terms

%(Daemon) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method. ReturnToMaster can also be invoked via a Daemon object variable, which may be Null.

Usage notes

  • If not issued on a daemon thread, ReturnToMaster results in a request cancellation.
  • A daemon can return objects to the master thread before invoking ReturnToMaster with the ReturnObject and ReturnInfoObject methods.
  • The master thread would return control with the Continue, ContinueAsynchronously, or ContinueIndependently method. These methods can be used to pass an object to the daemon thread.
  • As with the Run methods, a daemon thread can retrieve the object passed to it by a Continue method with the GetInputObject method.


In the following simple example of just the daemon thread code, the daemon adds numbers passed to it in an XmlDoc by the master thread, and it returns the result in another XmlDoc:

b %doc is object xmlDoc %i is float %nodes is object xmlNodelist %result is float repeat forever %doc = new %doc:addElement('result', %result)  %(daemon):returnToMaster  %(daemon):getInputObject(%doc) %nodes = %doc:selectNodes('/sum/number') if %nodes:count eq 0 then loop end; end if %result = 0 for %i from 1 to %nodes:count %result = %nodes(%i):value end for end repeat end

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