SESMAXTO parameter

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Maximum session timeout in seconds


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
System manager resettable
Related products
Model 204 7.5


This parameter, which must have a numeric value between -1 and 99999999, sets the maximum timeout value for a session. The default value for SESMAXTO of -1 indicates that no limit is placed on session timeouts.

SESMAXTO is applied to the timeout derived from the SESDEFTO parameter and the timeout value specified on many of the $Session functions. If the timeout value derived from these exceeds SESMAXTO, the value of SESMAXTO is used. If SESMAXTO is reset to a value lower than the timeout value in any existing sessions, the timeout value in those sessions is reduced to the SESMAXTO value, which changes the time those sessions will time out.

Setting SESMAXTO to 0 causes all closed sessions to immediately time out, and it causes any open sessions to time out as soon as they are closed.