SHA384digest (String function)

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384-bit SHA-384 digest (String class)

[Introduced in Model 204 7.7]

The SHA384digest intrinsic function returns the 48-byte (always) binary string that is the SHA-384 digest of the method object string.


%outString = string:SHA384digest

Syntax terms

%outString A string variable to receive the SHA-384 digest of the method object string.
string The string to which the method is applied.

Usage notes

The SHA-384 digest algorithm is also available as an option of the DigestAlgorithm enumeration.


The 48-byte SHA-384 hash of a string is typically expressed as a 96-digit hex value. In the following example, the output string from the SHA384digest method is converted to hex using the StringToHex intrinsic method:

printText {'testing':sha384digest:stringtohex}

The result is:

47CFE65588BD750451D63A98DC4D45DA94CAACE215778BAED1A85A42241DE61AA769A8BB3B4D2F3- 95B1C023389620DD7

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