SIRTUNE parameter

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SirTune flags


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
EXEC card PARM value under MVS, M204 CMS command parameters under CMS
Related products
Sirius Mods 6.9


This is a bitmask parameter that controls SirTune. The meaning of the bits are:

X'01' Enables the SirTune data collector. When this is set, the SirTune data collector looks for the SIRTUNED data set. If present, the SirTune data collector is enabled, and compilation and sample data are collected to SIRTUNED. In addition, the MODIFY/SMSG commands are also available.

The SIRTUNE default value enables the SirTune data collector if possible. Things that prevent it from being enabled are:

  • The absence of the SIRTUNED data set.
  • Model 204 running under an older SirTune load module.

In the first case, the SirTune data collector silently disables itself. In the second case, it issues an informational message and then disables itself. In no case should the default value for SIRTUNE prevent an Online from coming up, so there is probably little reason to set this parameter.

Setting this parameter in an Online not authorized for SirTune has no effect.

For more information about the SirTune data collector, see SirTune data collection under MVS and SirTune data collection under CMS.