SPANSIZE parameter

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SPANSIZE for date $functions


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters
Related products
Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This is a numeric parameter that must have a value between 10 and 100. It sets the default value for the range in number of years that two-digit years are allowed to encompass. By limiting the valid range of two digit years, protection is provided against misinterpretation of ambiguous two-digit dates such as, for example, 10 being misinterpreted as 1910, when in fact, it means 2010.

This setting affects many $functions, and it can be overridden by many of these same $functions. For more information about how SPANSIZE is used, see the Sir2000 User Language Tools Reference Manual or the Sir2000 Field Migration Facility Reference Manual.