START command: Making a file or group available

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System administrator
Makes available file or group


START {FILE | [PERM] GROUP} name [AT location]

Where: name is the name of a file or a group.

  • location

    • For Parallel Query Option/204 files, is the symbolic name (as many as eight characters) that refers to the location of the node on which the remote file resides. An unquoted equal sign (=) specifies that the file is local.

    • If remote, must match a symbolic destination name specified in the DESTINATION parameter of the relevant local client DEFINE PROCESS command.

Usage notes

The START command allows the system administrator to specify that a file or permanent group is once again available to users. The command removes, at both the system and subsystem levels, the OPEN restrictions set by a STOP command. See STOP: Making a file or group unavailable.