START command: Starting a Model 204 intersystem network entity

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User 0, system administrator, system manager
Reactivates a link, processgroup, or CNOS sessiongroup



Where: entityname is the name specified on the DEFINE LINK, DEFINE PROCESSGROUP, or DEFINE SESSIONGROUP command.

Usage notes

The START command resumes operation of a network entity made unavailable by a STOP command. A sessiongroup is also activated by OPEN PROCESS, that is by the next request for a conversation using that CNOS connection.

START SESSIONGROUP causes a renegotiation of the session limits and contention winners between the LUs sharing the sessions.

Note: The START command does not apply to TPROCESS or Transfer Control links or processgroups.

START PROCESSGROUP always applies to the latest processgroup definition. If the entity being started is a processgroup, be aware that a new DEFINE PROCESSGROUP definition might have been issued after the processgroup was stopped. In this case, the newly defined processgroup supersedes the stopped processgroup, making it obsolete. Such obsolete processgroups can still appear on MONITOR command output.

There is no such ambiguity with START SESSIONGROUP, because issuing DEFINE SESSIONGROUP for a sessiongroup defined previously during the run causes an error.